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We offer Primary School a range of low cost or free fun and

innovative resources based on educating children in

mental health and wellbeing topics.


Our resources lead engagement in the classroom, inspiring and exciting

children to take a preventative approach to mental health.   


Our resources take the stress and time out of delivering the

Mental Health Curriculum and benefit full schools by freeing up teacher time,

and meeting the Ofsted Framework for Mental Health by ensuring your

pupil’s are resilient, confident and knowledgeable on how to manage their wellbeing.  


By creating a better school environment, our full school approach will reduce

the need for 1 to 1 support by bettering wellbeing outcomes for pupil’s,

freeing up time up to focus on teaching. 

Mindstars (NE) CIC Mental health support for schools
Mindstars (NE) CIC marvellous monsters &  me mental health support

Marvellous monsters & Me Digital Workshop

The Marvellous Monsters & Me Workshop and accompanying books are designed to engage and educate primary school children in mental health topics and make the experience lots of fun for pupils and easy for teachers to navigate!


Take a look at some of our resources available
for your school!

Mindstars (NE) CIC marvellous monsters & me
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