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Mindstars support the children of North Tyneside.

We support their mental health and wellbeing to give them the empowered futures they deserve.


Here's how we do it...


Life can become difficult for our children, and pressures can build up, negatively impacting mood, friendships and family life.  When this happens, and they feel the pressure, we can help them to navigate through life’s difficult challenges and provide the tools and strategies they need to thrive. 

Through our safe, confidential and inclusive services, our professional, qualified and dedicated team make it easier for children to build friendships, understand their feelings and emotions, and feel good about themselves and their futures. 

At our Star Club, based in Albion House, North Shields, children have the opportunity to play, learn and thrive in a creative environment, whilst having lots of fun. 


We focus on: Friendships and teamwork, wellbeing activities, games, arts and crafts, confidence and resilience building.


"The Mindstars Club has brought my daughter on massively, she never used to talk or take part in things, but she is like a different kid now, it's amazing! I can't thank them enough for how much they have helped her."

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