Your donations help us to continue our work supporting children and families.  THANK YOU!


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Mindstars will soon be opening the doors to our Star Hub in 2021. 

Our Hub will support children and families within our community with workshops, mental health after school clubs, creativity classes, parent and carer groups,   and free support to children and families living in poverty.

Our mental health and wellbeing resources are available to children,  families and schools.


Our resources are fun, engaging, and cover many mental health and wellbeing topics to educate and engage children.

Mindstars are currently working on an Educational Technology (EdTech) app aligned to the new Mental Health Curriculum, and our business mission of proactively educating and empowering children in Mental Health.

This is currently in Prototype stage with Newcastle University!

Mindstars are delivering our A Journey Through Space & Mind
 mental health activity books to 9,000 children in the North East for FREE! 

Covid-19 Response Project

On the 9th September 2020, we delivered wellbeing packages to food banks within our community. This has enabled us to extend our reach in delivering vital Covid-19 wellbeing support to 500 vulnerable children and families living in poverty.

“It has never been more important to address children’s mental health. We are already seeing the effects of COVID-19 on the children in the communities where we work. It is vital that children are put at the heart of recovery plans. The North East is one of the most deprived areas in the UK, with many families living in poverty. Our focus with our wellbeing project, with funding from Tesco Bags of Help, was to reach out to those vulnerable families. We have now reached over 500 families with children ensuring the most vulnerable in our community have access to mental health advice and support amid this global crisis we are facing”.

Rebecca Hetherington, founder and CEO of Mindstars

MINDSTARS are currently working on an educational technology (EdTech) project!

Our project, which is currently in prototype stage with Newcastle University, will provide children with access to an innovative, engaging and educational mental health app to encourage children to take the lead on their mental health journey.  

MINDSTARS believe to inspire children to take charge of their mental health, we need to directly engage them not only in the classroom, but at home, and this needs to be focused on how children learn more effectively in the new digital era.

Mental health education made fun!

Covid-19 KIDS TALK Lockdown

Bella Age 9
Joel, Age 6
Lana, Age 7
Jude Age 8
The Bay | Mindstars CIC | Delivering childrens wellbeing packs
Tesco-Bags-of-Help-Mindstars CIC
The Pitch 2020 Semi Finalist | Mindstars CIC
Think2Speak | Mindstars CIC
Hospitality & Hope | Mindstars CIC | Delivering childrens wellbeing packs

Your donations help us to continue our work supporting children and families.  THANK YOU!

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