As a parent, homeschooling, and especially in these trying times, it has been extremely difficult. Not only for the children but the adults trying their best to keep it all together.


But as a parent of a child who suffers terribly from anxiety, some days are really hard on all the family. That’s when Mindstars comes in handy.


With not only support, but activities for the children, and activities that get them thinking about and talking about their mental health which is refreshing. With little help or support out there for children with mental health problems, Mindstars are a godsend. Me and my tribe would be lost without their resources and support. Long may they continue for the sake of all of our children.

Louise Dearden, Parent 

Our school in South Shields received a delivery of free children's mental health resource books; 'a Journey Through Space & Mind' today from Mindstars.


Amazing quality books with a variety of engaging and useful activities for children to complete that will support their wellbeing and mental health.

Thanks Mindstars. 

Catherine, Teacher Layburn Community School 

Key Fund were pleased to support Mindstars with a blended mix of grant and loan as working capital, to allow the founding directors to work full time within the organisation after they had set it up on a voluntary basis nearly a year ago, to inspire and empower children to understand and couple with the increasing important aspect around mental health issues.

Amongst several of the things that we really liked about their application were, their ability to demonstrate a level of traction for their brand, its concept and the engagement already achieved with their community stakeholders.

Secondly the structured and phased development of their activities in a strong business plan.

It is really nice to learn that since our very recent investment the business, its programmes and the social outputs being achieved have flourished leading to they now taking on their first employee.

We wish them and the young people they support well for the future.

Brian Coghlan, Investment Manager, Key Fund

My children recently received your booklets from Walbottle Village Primary School and I was hugely impressed by the quality and how engaged my kids were.


Head Teacher

We are delighted to be partnering with Mindstars.


Since restrictions came into place in March we have seen a significant rise in the amount of families and children requiring emergency food parcels. 


As well as experiencing food poverty, we know that many families are also struggling with anxiety and mental health issues caused by the ongoing uncertainty, thanks to Mindstars, our parcels will now contain both nutritional and mental health benefits for children and families which will be a much utilised and welcome addition over the coming months ahead.

Paul Oliver, CEO Hospitality and Hope Food Bank

The boys loved the Mindstars activity book. I put them down on the dining table and left the room and when I got back they had started filling them out without any prompt from me.


They loved the variety of activities and both my 6 year old and 10 year old were able to complete them independently - brilliant across the age groups. It gave us a great context in which to discuss issues such as their worries etc.


Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much. So great to see a company that is trying to tackle children’s mental health in a socially inclusive and subsidised way. Often classes and resources for kids can be too expensive to be accessible by the people that really need it the most.

Cath Darling - Parent 

I got my Mindstars book from school. I was really looking forward to doing the activities in it, they looked fun.


The worry tree helped me with my worries because I worry quite a lot. I liked to travel through space and see lots of aliens. I can look at it to help me when I am sad or worried

​Imogen, Age 8

Our daughter came home from school with the Mindstars book and was very enthusiastic to start some of the activities.


It was nice to see our daughter being able to process feelings and emotions and exploring coping mechanisms through a range of activities in a fun and engaging way. The book is set out in a bright and colourful design with a space themed adventure making it appealing to children.

​Julia, Parent

Journey through space has just been great for our girls. They’ve loved everything about it. As a parent, I can see how the positive messages are getting through to them in a fun yet educational way and giving them the tools to help themselves and others.

Just love it, and everything Mindstars stands for.

Annie Bridges - Parent

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