Mindstars wellbeing box containing creative activities and wellbeing advice for delivery direct to foodbanks in the North East. Our aim is to reach children and families who have been at risk of, or are experiencing a significant impact on their mental health due to Covid19.



For just £6, you will gift a child with:


Mindfulness Colouring in Book with 12 colouring pencils and a colouring postcard

Practicing mindfulness through art has a multitude of benefits and positive outcomes.  Mindfulness coloring has been found to reduce low mood and actively serve as a mood enhancer. With the addition of colouring postcards to encourage communication, we will engage children in positive steps to mitigate the negative effects that have risen with social distancing and heightened anxiety.


Grow your own lavender kit

Our mini grow your own lavender kit will provide children and families with a fun activity they can be invested in together as a family and also gain a sense of accomplishment each day they see their plant grow. Studies have shown that lavender scent can help reduce symptoms of anxiety.


Original Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan worry dolls encourage children to voice their worries and let them go.  Children are encouraged to share their worries with the dolls, put them under their pillow at night and legend has it that in the morning the dolls will take their worries away.


Bouncy ball, slinky and bubbles

Sensory activities have many health benefits, such as problem solving, imagination and learning cause and effect. They also aid the development of spatial awareness and motor skills. We have included instructions within the box to teach children how they can be tied in with a daily mindfulness routine. 


Affirmation Cards

When positive statements are used as part of a daily wellbeing routine, they become affirmations which have many mental health benefits. They instill positivity which builds resilience, boosts self esteem, and helps to counteract negative thoughts.. 


Parent/Carer information for managing childrens’ wellbeing

Mindstars believe it is very important that parents and carers also have access to information and advice in regards to their children’s wellbeing.  We have included advice and strategies within the box, tailored by our therapist.  This will encourage families to engage in their children's wellbeing journey.


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