• Rebecca Hetherington

Mindstars News Update 28/06/20

Hello lovely people!

Thought I would give you a little update to where we are at with Mindstars. First off I want to apologise for the radio silence from us...

As you all know, back in March we hit a global pandemic which set us back a bit and threw our plans off track.

On top of that I started experiencing some health problems which resulted in spending a week in hospital, returning for an operation, and some painful recovery time.

I've struggled to manage family, health, home and business. It's been a rough ride, but finally I'm feeling back on track with help from my family and friends.

So the great news is we are currently working on a few projects which is exciting, and have a few business updates to dish out!

We have added a new section to the website - Get Involved. It is still under

construction, however we will be adding more ways for you to get involved with Mindstars, but for now it gives you the basics.

Here's how you can get involved:

Donate: Gives our supporters the chance to make donations big or small.

There are some set choices of £5, £10 and £15, but there is also an option for any amount from £1 +.

There is also an option to set up a monthly donation of any amount for those that wish to do that.

We appreciate all donation, especially in this time of uncertainty and all donations will go towards business operations and our projects for the community. All transactions are though PayPal.

Work with us: This section will provide updates in regards to Mindstars employment opportunities. For those that are interested in working for us we will also advertise through our newsletters and recommend subscribing to it.

Volunteer: We will be updating all volunteering opportunities within the business on this section. We would love to hear from anyone that would like to help out. Please get in touch with the team via email and we will get back to you. Once the pandemic is over we will be looking to creating more specific volunteering opportunities. Again, these will also be advertised in our newsletters, so recommend subscribing to it.

Collaborate: We love working with other creative minds! Any individuals, businesses or organisations that wish to collaborate with Mindstars, we would love to hear from you and we will arrange some time with you to discuss your ideas further. Get in touch!

Bloggers Wanted!: We are looking for experienced bloggers to do some guest blogging for us on the topic of children's mental health. If you are interested in guest blogging for us please do get in touch on info@mindstars.co.uk

I hope everyone is staying safe and hopefully there is a light at the end of this bizarre year so far!

All the best,


Mindstars Founder & CEO



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