• Rebecca Hetherington

Exciting News!!

We're so excited to introduce to you our sparkly new website!


We've been working really hard to get this ready for you and we hope you like it!

As this is just the beginning of our journey the website is still very basic, but more will be coming soon... which leads us nicely into our next bit of exciting news!!

Mindstars has been accepted onto the 'Back Her Business - Bring It 2020' competition which is run by Natwest and Crowdfunder!


The concept of the competition is to help women in business raise money and build their skills, helping them to get their business idea off the ground. We have been receiving coaching and support from their team helping us to build our crowdfunding project.

The project will be going live on the 2nd of March 2020! Once it's live not only will we be open to crowdfunding from our supporters, but we will be eligible for further grant funding from Natwest and in the running for a £10.000 cash prize towards the project, so we need your support now more than ever!

Being part of this competition and crowdfunding campaign will help us build and expand our business. In the coming months we are opening our online shop where the profits from this will go towards the Mindstars mental health learning platform for children.

A little reminder for our supporters, we have set up a Mindstars community facebook group where you all can discuss and share all things mental health, childrens mental health and parenting in a safe non-judgmental enviroment. Please join us and lets get

de-stigmatising mental health!

Please also support us by liking and sharing our page and posts as this helps spread the word! Know that we are so grateful for the support we have received so far with over 150 likes in less than a week!!

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