• Rebecca Hetherington

Crowdfunder update

Hello everyone!

I just wanted first to take the time to thank all that have pledged so far! It's been overwhelming the amount of support and interest I've had in the project. I honestly can't thank you all enough.With recent events of Covid-19 all the contestants on the Back Her Business competition have seen a massive stall in donations which is understandable considering people are worried about finances, job security and even the worlds economy. It is and will continue to be a scary and uncertain time for us all. I have found myself in a position of not knowing how to even go about crowdfunding anymore, because I can't bring myself to post about it, talk about it or even think about it with so much going on in the world. Don't get me wrong. I am NOT giving up on my project and I will NOT stop fighting to build what I believe to be something truly great. Mindstars will be more needed than ever once life starts to settle down. Children all over the world are now suffering and scared in all this uncertainty.I've been thinking so much about what I CAN do at the moment. I have set up a support group on Facebook for parents that have children with mental health issues mild or severe.


I'm coming up with ways to keep spreading some joy and happiness on social media by sharing or posting something positive each day. I'm helping as best I can to support other businesses I know that are struggling and brainstorming to come up with ways to maybe collaborate with other businesses.I've also taken some time out to think about the things I have achieved over the last few weeks. I hit my target in 3 days!! I've met some wonderful inspiring ladies in this competition and become friends with some of them. Most of all this competition helped me to start this venture that I had put off for so long. Yes, it kind of made me jump in the deep end, but I learned to swim pretty quickly! I've learned so many new skills. I'm far more confident than I was just weeks ago and my confidence is growing by the day. I'm learning how to run business starting at the deep end in a financial crisis. If I can get through that then I know I will soar. I might not win the competition, but I feel like I've already won from everything I have gained so far. Once again thank you for all your support. Watch this space because Mindstars will be going from strength to strength soon enough x




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