• Rebecca Hetherington

A star is born

This is a very scary and exciting feeling all wrapped into one as I set off on this journey. An anxiety provoking business venture that is all about mental health and wellbeing.. the irony!! Anxiety is part of life though. We all feel anxious from time-to-time. We all feel low or depressed from time-to-time. Guess what? It's normal to feel like this! In fact, anxiety is actually a biological and psychological process to keep us safe from harm! It's our 'alarm system' telling us that this is a situation in which we feel unsafe in or threatened by. Stigma attached to mental health creates feelings of shame for those that are going through these difficulties. These feelings of shame create more anxiety, negative thoughts and depression and it can easily spiral from there. I have struggled a lot with mental health from a young age and still do. Until now this hasn't been public knowledge. Only those closest to me have known, but, it would be hypocritical of me to start this without being open with you all about my own struggles. It was my own experiences with mental health that led me into a career as a therapist. I wanted to help others that struggled with the same things I had struggled with. With a combination of education, support and therapy I managed to get to a place where I'm aware when these feelings are manageable and they no longer consume me. I practice the techniques I have learnt over the years on a daily basis. I continue to challenge myself to becoming my true self and not have anxiety, depression, shame or low self esteem steer my direction in life. This venture is a BIG challenge for me! I often care too much about what people think about me, when in fact I probably spend 100% more time on worrying about what people think, than people actually spend on making assumptions or judgments about me. By putting myself out here, flaws and all, for the world to see, I'm taking a massive leap. This is something I've always wanted to do, but have always been to scared to do. "WHAT IF I FAIL? WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY? WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK? OH THE PUBLIC HUMILIATION!" These are the thoughts that have ran though my head and put me off for years. I've come to realise that I actually have the best friends and family in the world that are so amazing and supportive in whatever I do. Win or lose, pass or fail, the good the bad and the ugly.... They are always there for me when I need them and love me unconditionally. And everyone else? The majority won't care because they all have their own lives to deal with and I'll be the last thing on their minds. Yes, some people might have their opinions or judgments, but you know what? I've come to realise that's okay! Everyone is entitled to that. Their opinions are none of my business.

So this is where my journey stems from. I believe by education our children in mental health and wellbeing from an early age, this will help to break down the stigma that ours and past generations have struggled with. Prevention is better than cure. If we start with age appropriate interventions earlier and teach children about mental health, wellbeing and self care before they struggle with it or get to crisis point, we will be saving and empowering our future generations.

This is why I created Mindstars and this is what Mindstars will be all about.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Much love to you all! If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to drop me a message as they will be much valued.





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