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Our Impact


In August 2021, Mindstars partnered with North Tyneside Council to deliver the Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF2021).  Over the summer, we created a 6 week camp to not only provide a healthy meal to children in our community throughout the holidays, but to also educate, empower and support the children and families we reached.   

It was a resounding success!

What a SUMMER!

Throughout our 6 weeks of delivery, the impact we made is something we are very proud of. Even COVID didn't stop us!

For our first full 6 weeks provision since we were established in 2020, the HAF program has solidified what we knew we could achieve. Our Community Development Manager, Zoe Payne, worked incredibly hard over the summer to plan and deliver activities that would leave a long lasting positive impact to the children we reached.

We had to close in week 5 due to a positive COVID case, however we had already pre planned for this and went straight into a week of digital activities, sessions and fun.

Did we achieve what we set out to do?

The answer to this is most definitely yes, we achieved everything we set out to do, and more. From removing barriers that stopped children accessing summer provisions, to creating a safe space for them to express themselves and feel empowered. We increased confidence and social skills.

When we asked the children to sum up what Mindstars means to them at the end of the summer, what they shared with us will drive us forward to continue to support our community.

What does Mindstars mean to the children?

I cant wait

for next


It's not just a

summer camp,

its HOME

Mindstars is

better than


Best Summer ever!


Lots of fun!

You are



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