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Mental Health Education

At Mindstars, our aim is to educate and inspire children to take charge of their mental health.  As part of our mission, we have launched an ambitious educational technology (EdTech) project aimed at providing children with access to an innovative, fun and engaging educational mental health app.

Currently in its prototype stage, we need your help to make this app a reality and launch it in schools across the nation by September 2021.

The  total cost of development and launch currently sits at £100,000. As a newly created Community Interest Company (CIC),  we are reliant on grants and public support to get this project launched so that it may begin delivering income of its own. And so we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to help us achieve a fundraising target.

Our crowdfunding campaign IS LIVE. Please support us.

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App features

The sole purpose of the app is to encourage children to take the lead on their mental health journey, offering numerous features and benefits to children, parent and teachers:

  • An exciting and colourful space theme will take children on 'a journey through space and mind.'

  • It is aligned to the newly introduced mental health curriculum.

  • It will allow KS1 and KS2 children to learn both at school and home.

  • Analytics will allow teachers to gain insight into user behaviours and respond to learning needs or other support.

The space themed app will take children
The space themed app will take children

Keeping Children Safe

Cyber safety is at the heart of its development, so parents, carers and teachers can be assured that children are learning in a safe environment. The app will adhere to the Department of Education (DoE) Security Protocol Standard.

The app also allows children can interact with one another in a safe and supportive manner.

Our Progress

We are indebted to Newcastle University who have created a prototype of the app and we are now ready to move onto the development stage so that we can achieve our goal of launching this into schools by September 2021. 

We have had incredible support from investors, business specialists and volunteers to get us to this stage, but we're still far away from realising our dream.


With your help, we can ensure this app begins supporting children in taking the lead on their mental health.

The space themed app will take children
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