How you can get involved

There are many ways you can support us in our fight against a rising mental health crisis, as highlighted below.  You can also help us spread awareness and get MINDSTARS out there, by liking, sharing and commenting on our posts on our social media platforms.

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School Children


Every penny donated will go towards our projects working with children and young people. 

Your donations help us to continue our work within our communities. Thank you!

Corporate Sponsorship

As businesses are placing corporate and social responsibility higher on their agenda's, many more businesses are supporting social enterprises and charities that achieve high levels of social impact. 

If your business would like to support us,  we would love to hear from you, we can offer your employee's children a variety of resources and support in return!


As our projects expand, we will be looking for volunteers to help us with anything from Blogging, testing our tech projects, delivering, helping us pack etc.  To keep up to date with our volunteering activities, please sign up to our Newsletter.


Alone we are strong, together we are Stronger.


We are always looking for ways to collaborate with other individuals and organisations. If you have an idea, please get in touch!

Work with us

As Mindstars continue to grow, so will our team! To keep updated on

our upcoming employment opportunities, please sign up to our Newsletter.