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Mindstars CIC understand the importance of early proactive education in mental health and wellbeing.  We know that  because of the ever-growing pressures of life in a world which is so fast paced, and the new anxieties that have risen in 2020 following COVID-19, that sadly many children are at risk of developing long term mental health problems. 

We exist to tackle the rising mental health crisis that is upon us and ensure we are there to provide our professional support within our community.



Mindstars CIC will deliver projects of real benefit to future generations, we will:

Proactively work and campaign to educate children in mental health

Develop community support projects delivering whole family support

Provide creative, innovative and supportive tools

Bring our communities together to work with us and shape our projects



 Mindstars founder, Rebecca Hetherington says:


“I have struggled a lot with mental health from a young age. It was my own experiences with mental health that led me to my career as a therapist. I wanted to help others that struggled with the same things I had struggled with. With a combination of education, support and therapy I managed to get to a place where my mental health and wellbeing was manageable. I have become a pro at practising the techniques that I have learnt over the years.


Anxiety is part of life though. We all feel anxious, low or depressed from time-to-time. It's normal to feel like this! In fact, anxiety is actually a biological and psychological process to keep us safe from harm.  It's our 'alarm system' telling us that this is a situation in which we feel unsafe in or threatened.

Sadly, the stigma attached to mental health creates feelings of shame for those that are going through these difficulties. These feelings of shame create more anxiety, negative thoughts and depression and it can easily spiral from there.  I have been there in my youth, and had I of had the tools back then that I have now, things would have been a lot easier.


These are the reasons I decided to take action. The rising mental health crisis that is upon us with our young people needs to be addressed. Mindstars will strive to proactively educate and support children in positive steps to take charge of their wellbeing and avoid long term mental health problems”.

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